I would like to thank Mrs Wayper.

In my SATS I felt scared ( on the first day especially ) but also on other days

and Mrs Wayper encouraged me to carry on.

Thank you Mrs Wayper.



Thank you, Mrs Lancaster, for helping me through SATs and always telling me to never give up. From all your help and support, I have missed only two or three questions during SATs and I answered more questions than during mock SATs. This is because of your help. I used to think SATs were incredibly difficult, but after all SATs is easier than GCSEs.


Joe Wakefield

My thank you is for Mrs Galligan and Mrs McNeany,


 Both of you have guided me through each year in St Cuthbert’s, helping me understand my lessons.

Mrs Galligan, you have helped me every day to get better at maths and literacy.

Mrs McNeany, you have helped me in R.E and in the Garden Club every Tuesday.

You have both made me feel positive about my next journey in life and my time in school has felt so much happier with you both by my side.

I will never forget you both.

Thank Emily

I remember when I was in Y2, Mrs Trundley would dress up as a character that we were learning about. We would ask her questions about the character like:

 How did you fall off the wall Humpty Dumpty?

I particularly remember her dressing up as Santa- I asked “Santa” how he travelled across the world so fast.

 It was great fun.


Isabel Peddle

Thank you Miss Tootill

When I first started year 6, I was told I would be one of 4 leaders for a new club. The Change for Life club: where we learnt how to have a happy, healthy life. Miss Tootill helped as part of the new club. It was great fun to be part of it and learn new things along the way. We were always thinking of new and fun ideas so there was never a boring lesson. I greatly appreciate being a part of this and how our team are great friends and we have had a great teacher to help us through this time in this club. Thank you Miss Tootill for helping and being part of the Change or Life club. J



Thank you Mr Barras for being the best PE teacher any one could even ask for.

The thing I like doing the most during PE lessons is dodge ball. For a while we always made our team names for dodge ball something to do with unicorns but then everyone got sick of that.

Netball has been my favourite of all after school clubs. I liked it the most because every time we got changed we would hide each other’s clothes. I remember when Brooke and Kacey hid my book bag and they were helping me look for it but all along they knew where it was. When we got changed in the computer room I would rush to be finished and  get the comfiest chair and wouldn’t get up because I knew someone would take it.

I will miss you Mr Barrass. Thank you again for your dedication.


Thankyou Mrs Wilson, for helping me with my fractions and long division in maths booster and getting me prepared for my sats. I thought fractions were the hardest but now I can do them thanks to you. I would also like to thankyou for coming to my Young champions programme and choosing me to participate. It was fun and I met some famous athletes.   Thank You.


Ellie Clapham 

When I first came to school in April Magda helped me to learn English. She was with me every day from 9 o`clock to 12 o`clock. Sometimes it was easy or hard. I enjoyed writing with her about the Trincomalee and how to kill Medusa and the modern and ancient Olympic games. I liked this writing because the Trincomale was about a trip there . On Medusa I needed to research about Greek gods and find out what you wouldn`t do when you had a fight with her and find out who had flying sandals. I liked The Olympic games in modern and ancient games because we needed to find what games they had,  how many games they had and how many people were watching it. Thank you Magda for helping me with my writing.




Thank you Miss Tumilty and Mrs Barron for helping me through tough times. In moments where i needed someone to go to, you were there. Thank you, for giving me medicine when I needed it and ringing my home if I ever forgot something. I will never forget you both.


By Isaac Ruben Bright.

Memories for Leaver’s Assembly Thank You

In year 6 on Thursday Mr Sharp came into class 9 to work with us on science and geography. I want to thank  Mr Sharp because every lesson with him is fun and he always made us laugh.

I remember when we were learning about Greece and Mr Sharp bought us Greek food. We all tried different things and we all had different opinions about them.

Also we were learning about places in Greece, people found it fun but also interesting.


Thank you: Mrs Flounders

 One of my memories of being in year 1 and 2 was when we went on a trip Wynyard Woodland Park. We got to build a shelter out of sticks and covered it in leaves. When it was time to have lunch we sat in a small hut. Overall I really enjoyed the day as we got to learn new things. Thank you Mrs Flounders for always making year 1 and 2 fun.


Neve Duffy


I would like to thank Mr Barrass for teaching me new things in PE. And for being awesome.

He has helped me enjoy PE more and has also helped me improve my skills.

Thank you Mr Barrass for being the best.