My most favourite trip at St Cuthbert’s was in Year 2, when we went to St Mary’s Lighthouse. We climbed the lighthouse and went very far up the spiral stairs. We loved the sound of the waves crashing against the lighthouse; it was like living on the beach and waking up to the soothing ocean.


Mrs Mc Eneany was scared to go to the top because she felt dizzy and so she stayed at the bottom and took pictures of us.


We walked across loads of rocks and looked for different sea creatures, like crabs, starfish and fish. We felt hungry so we sat round little tables and ate our pack lunch. YUM!!!


After we filled in sheets which had: crosswords, dot to dot, find the difference and colouring.


We got a certificate that said how many stairs we had climbed up. It is a trip I will never forget and  will cherish forever. Thank you for an amazing time at this school.


By Maizie Rae

Over my years at St Cuthbert’s School I have been on a number of trips, my favourites were: Dukeshouse Wood and the Dolphin Centre where we went swimming for completing our SATS- that was our prize. My other favourite trip was the full school trip to Beamish for the 100 th birthday of St Cuthbert’s school in Hartlepool. Other favourite trips were where we went to the H.M.S Trincomalee and we had a look around the whole boat and the Heugh battery where I got to hold a gun and see war vehicles like tanks and armoured trucks.

One of my most embarrassing memories was in year five when we printed off some work about planes and I printed off 200 pages and I also printed off 70 pages on lights each out of 7 pages.


My favourite activity was Bikeability because I got to ride my bike and learn how to make left and right turn from a main road to a side road or how to do u turns around lots of places.




One of my most memorable trips was the trip to Beamish; it was our school’s 100th anniversary. We had the chance to dress up; many of us looked ridiculous in our fancy getup and styled hair. Throughout the trip, there were many ‘unique’ activities that were really fun; there were farm animals too, although they were a little disgusting.

During the time we had at Beamish we got to visit the sweet shop and when we were in the sweet shop we were able to watch some sort of lemony-sweet being made, (they tasted delicious). Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed it and loved spending time at Beamish (even though one of my favourite parts was eating the sweets from the gift shop). I really enjoyed my day.


Ellen Bradley

One of the strongest memories in Y2 was when Mrs Trundly would dress up as a character we were learning about and we would ask her questions. I particularly remember her dressing up as Santa- I asked her “how do you travel across the world so fast?”


When we read about a girl who lived at a lighthouse, Mrs Trundly dressed up as her and we asked her questions like “How did you survive the boat journey when the storm was coming to take the boat.”



My Memory

During St Cuthbert’s school we’ve been on lots of trip and we’ve done lots of fun activities. One of my favourite memories at St Cuthbert’s was when we went to Dukeshouse Wood it was extremely fun. We went on Friday and came back on Sunday. The activities were amazing: 3G swing, archery, Quad biking, making a den, night line, and the Jacobs ladder. The highlight of the trip was when me and Neve went on the 3G swing. We went right to the top while we were swinging through the air we were screaming so loud.   

Ellie Clapham

Faith 2015             

A memory I will never forget is  Faith 15.

We went during the first term of year 6 .

I will never forget the two heart -breaking stories.

The first story was about a 10 year old boy who only had one lung but had cycled the Coast to Coast. The second story was about a man who was blinded by gunfire in Northern Ireland. I won’t forget those stories because It makes me feel grateful for what I have .

As well as those amazing stories I will always remember the enthusiastic atmosphere and everyone dancing -especially Mrs Maw ‘s head bopping .


Rene Anderson



DukesHouse Wood

During my time at St Cuthbert’s School, I have experienced many exciting trips and fun activities. One of the most memorable and fun was Dukeshouse Wood.

All of year six got the opportunity to go to a place called Dukeshouse Wood.  We got to spend a weekend there with our friends. We did numerous activities like a 3g swing and a high equilibrium. Personally my favourite activity was the 3g swing: it was a giant swing. The group pulls you high in the air and when you are ready, you pull a ripcord to release the swing. You feel the G-force as you swing back and forth. It was an amazing feeling.

Another aspect of the weekend I enjoyed was the time in my dorm: my dorm was always the last to go to sleep and the ones who got up the earliest. Weren’t we Mrs Wilson?

Hollie Hughes

I remember at Dukeshouse Wood when we had parties every night and we all sang Shakey Shakey. The Nightline was the longest, funniest and the muddiest activity yet (I would never wear that jacket again). The first activity was hilarious (not for Ben) because when because when he was helping me up, I kicked Ben in the face!

Joe Wakefield

I remember when we went to Dukes House Wood, the best trip any child could ever have. My favourite activity was night line; it is an obstacle course but you are blindfolded. We all took turns being the leader. When I was the leader I ended up leading everyone in to the middle of no where.


My most favourite memory at St Cuthbert’s is in Mrs Thomas’ class where we went into Wynyard Woods for a trip.

It was very funny because we had to cross a river to get on the other side and everyone kept on jumping in.

When we got on the other side we looked for bugs – but I didn’t want to because I was scared of spiders so I sneakily didn’t do a lot of searching.

Mrs Thomas and Mrs Trundley (A.K.A Mrs Cup A Tea) are the best teacher and ta double act ever!

 I will miss them and everything from this school and I will never forget this school thank you!    

During my time at St. Cuthbert’s school I have been involved in many wacky and funny situations, such as: year 4 swimming lessons, Space to Learn, Darlington swimming centre, Youth Village and much more!!!

One of my personal favourites was Wynyard Wood, all the way back in year 2……. Firstly, we got to school and lined up in a big queue but everyone was talking so Mrs Sedgewick (now Mrs. Thomas) split us into pairs with a year 1! Once we got there we explored the huge forests and searched for spiders so we could make a big fuss out of nothing. After making small bug shelters out of sticks and leafs we crawled into a small ‘room’ made out of trees. Beautiful radiant flowers circled and a small pathway led up to two giant picnic benches where we ate our lunch!

Also we have undertaken numerous activities in school…such as in Year 5 I was accepted into Steel Pans! Since then I have taken part in many concerts: Summer Fayre, Christmas Fayre, Youth Village, the Musicians assembly and many other events.

Thank you Mrs Moore for giving up your time every Tuesday for free to teach us steel pans and take all of us to huge events out of school. Thank you

Since starting St Cuthbert’s school the most memorable trip was Dukeshouse Wood because Eloise and I were the only ones to climb the Equilibrium where we did the YMCA! But the 3g swing was the best, I went on with my best friend Cara. It was so much fun. The best part was getting worked up trying to hide our sweets.

Also the Dolphin Centre was a great trip ; going down the fast slides with Wiktoria and Cara and fighting over floats.

British Values Day was one of the most fun activities we did because we got to wear red, white and blue. We also made: crowns, our own stamps and designed cookies with red, white and blue icing.


Also I enjoyed netball tournaments with other schools.One of my most proud memories was going through to the next race in the cross county. That was one of the best moments of my life in ST. Cuthbert’s. Also going to Athletics competitions with my friends and Mr.Barras. Everyone was hoping they would win.


Brooke Watt

My memories

In St Cuthbert’s I`ve got lots of good memories like new friends, very good trips like to the H.M.S Trincomalee where we got to walk on the ship, see the captain’s cabin, who slept on a hammock. We saw where the pirates were sleeping, lots of other decks and learned about the gun powder monkey, who had to run around the very big ship with gun powder, it was a very very hard job.

I loved playing football and netball with my school team. I’ve made many good friends there, we had a lot of fun, worked hard and won the Catholic Schools Championship games in netball and we participated in some good football matches.


 By Hubert Paul

Since starting St Cuthbert’s School, I have been on many fantastic school trips such as: Dukes House Wood, the Dolphin Centre and Faith 15 where we danced A LOT. Also at Dukes House Wood we did lots of different amazing activities like going really high up on the 3G Swing, the High Equilibrium and Jacob’s Ladder.

Above all I really miss Miss Northey. She was really delightful and considerate. She always used to help us when we were stuck on any kind of education. She was like our best friend and we can’t imagine anything without her.

I will remember her for the rest of my life. She is a wonderful teacher and I will never forget her and cherish her forever in my heart. Thank you for an amazing time at St Cuthbert’s School.

Marlene Ward

Memories of the Dolphin Centre

During my time at St. Cuthbert’s I have been on many trips, (I started this school when I was 4-5), and the trips have included exciting adventures and having a fun time learning. Since year one at St. Cuthbert’s I have made so many new friends and memories.

One of my favourite trips was to the Dolphin Centre; we went there for a treat after we worked hard to prepare for our SATS.

 My class mates and the rest of the year six unit went on the slides and some of us went on the diving boards. There was a small board that was only 1 metre from the water and the other ones were 3 metres from the water and roughly about five metres from the water. I went on the tallest one!

Also we had a locker key for our clothes, Josh and Ellen gave it to me to keep safe but it didn’t go well. The diving pool was really deep and when I jumped off the tallest board the locker key fell off my wrist!

St. Cuthberts is a great school. I have many happy memories!!!    J

Sophie Bradley

My memories in St Cuthbert’s School are great and I have many awesome memories. For starters going to the Nurture Group, which is now the wonderful Believe and Achieve group, for the first time. It was great getting to meet new children and making new friends; it was probably the best thing ever.

Another lovely surprise was in Year 3 when Mrs Wilson came to be our awesome Head Teacher, that will always be a great memory. Another thing I cannot forget is going up to the roof garden for the first time. It felt I was in some other realm. It was so good, all the flowers greeted you. I’m going to miss St Cuthbert’s and my friends in Class 9: Stephen, Joe, Hubert and others. All the memories will be with me throughout my journey through English Martyrs. 

That’s not it, I will always remember the trips I went on like the trip to the Lighthouse in Mrs Thomas’ class. It was awesome and fun because we got to go up into the Lighthouse. Another great trip was Faith 15 that me and all the other Year 6’s went to; believe me it was great fun and very loud. I have many great trips, too many to say but I’ll remember them all no matter what.

One more awesome trip and the best trip ever was Dukeshouse Wood. Honestly I’ll remember that the most because just thinking of the 3G Swing seems so real and I can say now  Stephen and I don’t regret going on the 3G Swing at all! One more trip was in year 4 when we went to Beamish, it was awesome and we had a lot of fun. I remember being in the top part of a tram.

The thing I’m most proud of is my achievement of making 4 years of attendance, I haven’t been off school for 4 years which is a big achievement for me and I’m proud of myself for completing it. I hope others can make an achievement like this as it’s really good to have achieved it.

Jack Corser

My memories at St Cuthbert’s

When I first joined St Cuthbert’s I got to sit next to my very best friend Cara Smith. Although at first we argued a lot about keeping the table tidy. But now we do everything together.


I have been on so many school trips; one of my favourites was Dukeshouse Wood; it was the best experience. I shared a room with Maizie, who is also my bff, Molly and Wiktoria. I will remember this trip for the rest of my life.


One of my greatest activities was a visit from St John’s Ambulance. They taught how to potentially save someone’s life. This included: DRSABC, recovery position, shock, chocking and small cuts and bruises.

Faye Moran

My memories

Since starting St.Cuthberts school, I’ve been on many trips. My favourite was when the whole school went to Beamish Museum to celebrate the 100 year anniversary of the school. I remember exploring all of the different rooms and learning many facts in different times of history. I found it very interesting to learn new things there because we were doing things in a fun way. My favourite part of the trip was riding the double decker bus to the town section of the museum. My fondest memory was going to the sweet shop. It was a little cramped, because over 20 people were there, but still fun. We bought some sweets each and then saw how they were made. It was the best trip ever!! It was something I’ll never forget.

Chloe Mc Intyre

My memory

My best memory was the y6 trip to Dukeshouse Wood because we got to stay there for three days. We got to learn new things and we could show our parents we can be independent. We had lots of fun activities such as the 3G swing; my partner for this was my best friend Maizie. Also Jacob’s ladder was exciting, my partner for that was my friend Molly.

All of us had a lot of fun and I’m sure we all enjoyed Dukeshouse Wood.