During the start of the school year our class has been on an  amazing amount of trips because we are getting responsible for our own actions and we need to be able to shine bright and show other children the right path to a respectable life.


Our class teacher Mrs Colley has helped us improve in lessons (reading, writing, literacy and grammar). Children are improving their work. We have been doing different pieces of work such as join  Francis Drake’s crew posters, book reviews, our own prayers and lots of writing about the book we’re reading, it’s called Kensukes Kingdom. Also in P.E we have been learning to develop our many different talents in games.


BROOKE - Class 9

What is it like to be in Year Six


During the first half term in Year Six we went to Crucial Crew to learn what it was like to be in danger. Firstly we went to Billy’s bedroom to learn about fire safety. All of us learned that you should never play with matches or lighters. Secondly we learned about Road Safety. In this lesson there was a little girl called Emma who had a bicycle accident. The most important rules are to never go into a stranger’s house and always wear bright clothing to be seen. If this happens you should always contact 999.Luckily Bride and Harry got to phone them so they could get help. Finally we went to Building Site safety that taught us to never mess around near building sites. It is vital to never damage the sites barriers because they’re there for your own safety.

STUDENT 01 - Year 6

Year Six sports leaders and buddies


During the course of lunchtime year sixes collect the year ones and two’s to go into the sports hall to play with them and have fun activities. We love doing it and think the children love it too. It makes us feel responsible and more grown up. Unfortunately we can’t do it all the time but when we get the chance we are extremely thankful. Although we get the chance to be sports leaders we also get to have little buddies which makes us really happy in school.     


STUDENT 01 - Year 6

During the start of the school year, I imagine that some of us had a lack of confidence but now we are shining bright and showing our unique talents. In maths we have been learning about 3D shapes, quadrilaterals, parallel edges and much, much more. We are being taught many different talents to prepare us for our end of year tests. Our class teacher (Mrs Colley) has successfully been preparing us and helping us strive through the year. In literacy, writing, reading and grammar we have discovered how to select the right pieces of text and to use PEE (point, evidence and explain).


Through RE we have learnt about religious rights and ceremonies. In our books we have written respectful hymns and prayers to God to and have spoken about how Jesus and his disciples were called. In PE we are taught about physical exercises. Also we have many athletic after school clubs such as: netball, football and so on. We try to do our finest in all physical events and sporting competitions. Our P.E teacher (Mr Barrass) trains us in physical knowledge and exercise while also helping us to improve our performances.


In conclusion to our blog I would like you all to know that we are gaining an excessive amount of knowledge due to the teaching and that we are very pleased and proud of ourselves thanks to everyone.

ELLEN - Class 9