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Y6 2016 September Messages

Mrs Wilson has split the Y5 class so pupils can work harder, learn more and do their best this year (meet age related expectations).The expectation is that they will work hard, will learn and will meet age related expectations.

Pupils may well find that they are being expected to work harder than they have done before, this is because they are Y6.

They will be expected to do

  • Maths and literacy homework every week, learn spellings every week, learn tables and division facts every week, read at least 3x each week.

  • Attend Booster classes before or after school or in assemblies

  • Show respect to whichever member of staff they are working with

In work in all subjects they will need to join handwriting (to get a pen licence). All writing will need to be joined in all subjects. Spelling of simple words and Y3/4 words will need to be correct. Capital letters will need to be used correctly in all subjects

Role Models

In Y6 pupils will get to be: play leaders, set up for assembly, tuck shop monitors, office helpers or sit on seats in assembly but they also need to be role models around school.

If any teacher informs us that they have not been a good role model around school they will lose those privileges.

They are expected to follow all members of staff’s instructions. If these are not followed Golden Time will be lost, parents will be informed and strikes will be recorded against future trips. They could receive an after school detention as a consequence for repeated bad choices.

If they misbehave at lunch or break at least one lunch or break will be lost. If this has been a serious incident parents will be informed.


There are trips in Y6 which are special just to Y6: Crucial Crew, Dukeshouse Wood and the Youth Village.

There will be trips linked to topic and learning eg visits to Space to Learn and the HMS Trincomalee.

In the last two years we have had other treats for those children who have worked hard for SATS and for those children who have attended Booster classes. Needless to say if they don’t work hard and don’t attend Booster classes they won’t be part of these treats.

A big reward is to realise that they have made the most of their potential and their time at St Cuthbert’s.

Life Lessons

Hopefully in Y6 they will learn that they get out of life what they put in. They will learn the satisfaction of feeling that they have made a difference for good to the community that they have belonged to for eight years.

If as parents you have any queries these can be asked when Miss James and I dismiss the class on an evening or alternatively speak to Mrs Smith or Mrs Cullen on the yard on a morning and they will pass on concerns. Appointments can be made via the office.


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