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The Queen’s Birthday

The Queen’s Birthday

For the Queen’s birthday, as a school we came in wearing non uniform in the colours of red, white and blue. Each class teacher did a different activity related to the Queen’s birthday for other classes to partake in.

In Mrs Colley’s activity we did printing designs. Firstly, we sketched a design that we were then going to engrave into a block of polystyrene. The designs were all related to what the Queen likes and her birthday; some people did crowns, handbags, corgis, Buckingham Palace and portraits of the Queen. Next we rolled on some ink- in the colours of red, black and blue- and printed them multiple times into a large piece of paper. It was hard to get the right amount of ink and to print them evenly. Overall it was a fun, enjoyable activity.

After we had finished all of the activities, at 2:15 we went back to our classes and ate cake and had some juice. Parents were welcome to come in and see what their child had done during the activities. After our cake and juice, we all sang the national anthem. Everyone had a fun-filled day.

By Hollie Hughes

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