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Summary of our 2016 KS2 National Data

Dear Parents/Grandparents,

Below is a summary of our 2016 KS2 National Data. We are proud of the continuing improvements being made in school and a huge thank you to our teachers and teaching assistants who work tirelessly with your children to achieve such success.

Attendance Data, disappointingly, is below national at 94.6% for the year against a national average of 96%.

This is an area in which you can support the school by ensuring your children are at school every day. We will always send them home if they are genuinely ill.

Please phone the office to report an absence before 8.50am. The school will be issuing penalty notices to persistent absentees whose attendance is below 90% (4 weeks absence from school out of 39 weeks).

There is a clear correlation between achievement and attendance.


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