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St Cuthbert’s School Response to Feedback from Parent Questionnaires April 2016

Dear Parents,

Thank you for your feedback to school following parents evening in March. We received 84 responses and below are the results of the questionnaire and how the school is trying to improve as a result of your feedback.

Many thanks for taking the time to fill in the questionnaire.

My child is happy at this school. 99% of parents agree or strongly agree with this statement

My child feels safe at this school. 99% of parents agree or strongly agree with this statement.

My child is making good progress at this school. 97% of parents agree or strongly agree with this.

My child is well looked after at this school. 98% of parents agree or strongly agree with this.

My child receives homework appropriate for their age at this school. 90% agree or strongly agreed. 5% disagreed and 5% said that they did not know.

My child is taught well at this school. 99% of parents agree or strongly agree with this statement.

The school makes sure pupils are well behaved. 97% agree or strongly agree with this statement.

The school deals effectively with bullying. 86% agreed with this statement. 3% disagreed and 11% said that they did not know.

The school is well led and managed. 96% agree or strongly agree with this statement. 2% said that they did not know.

The school responds to any concerns I raise. 95% agree or strongly agree with this statement. 4% said that they did not know

I receive valuable information from school about my child’s progress. 97% agree or strongly agree with this statement.

I would recommend this school to another parent. 95% agree or strongly agree with this statement. 3% did not know.

The two key areas that parents felt were not as ‘strong’ at St Cuthbert’s were homework and dealing effectively with bullying, and a number of parents did not know enough about either of these areas to comment. (approx. 15%)

Response: The school has done research in to the area of homework especially using evidence from The Sutton Trust (available online) Research shows that the most effective home learning is aimed at basic skills in reading, spelling and the acquisition of times tables and the relating facts.

Therefore homework up to Y5 and Y6 is mainly aimed at these key skills. The key focus is reading a little every night and learning your times tables and then the relating division facts off by heart. If a child can do this by the end of Y4 it will aid their progress greatly. (i.e. 2 x 5 = 10 so 5 x 2 = 10 and 10 divided by 2 must be 5 and 10 divided by 5 must be 2) I cannot emphasise enough how important this is. In Year 5 and 6 the amount of homework is increased gradually to weekly tasks to support preparation for the Statutory tests and to prepare the child for homework in senior school.

Our home learning policy is available on our website in more detail, under the policies section, as are examples of our maths methods and how to help your child at home. Termly curriculum newsletters are also given out and available on the website. The school will ensure that more information is available to parents from this year regarding our home learning expectations. Thank you for your feedback.

Response to effectively dealing with bullying: Bullying is systematic and targeted and planned by the perpetrator. It is different to ‘friendship issues and falling out’ which are a part of learning and growing for all children.

Bullying occurs very rarely at St Cuthbert’s. Bullying of any form is not tolerated at St Cuthbert’s whether it be verbal, non-verbal or online. It is taken very seriously and the school has a bullying policy which outlines the steps which are taken to ensure it is stopped quickly. Governors are made aware of any bullying incidents at our termly Governors meetings. The Believe and Achieve group can offer support for victims. All staff have safeguarding training which includes bullying. The children learn about bullying as part of SMSC, RE and assemblies.

It is central to our motto “the light of Christ shines in us” and we teach and encourage the children to show tolerance, respect and love for everyone, especially those people who are different to them or that they do not like very much.

The school needs to do more to ensure our policy is made explicit to parents and that we provide regular updates and information for parents. More information is available on our website in the parents section and we will ensure this area is covered in the parents welcome pack for children starting our school. Thank you for your feedback.

Below are the comments parents made in response to the questions about our strengths and where we can make further improvement.

Question: What would you say are the strengths of the school?

The children are well looked after, well taught and have a strong feel of community

Not sure

Very friendly & helpful staff

Pastoral care excellent

All my children have been very happy here

Strong community where all children, staff and parents can approach others and be approached

Great parent/teacher communication


Teaching methods

Holds good values which reflects on the children

Good supportive teaching and support staff

Family feel of the school

Its own little community

Keep doing what you are doing

Up to now my children have been happy in school. I think there must be a positive school environment or they wouldn’t feel this way.

Staff are approachable

Working with parents and the community

Form teacher excellent

To help each child individually to their needs


The school has a strong feeling of community

The staff always seem engaged with the pupils

Communication lines are always open

The children all seem happy and enjoy the way their teacher makes learning fun for them


Well mannered children

Happiness and security

Friendly, approachable teachers

Keep offering story nights, family nights etc

Open door policy, thanks

School takes good care of the children

It is very safe and we are happy with the school and teachers

No discrimination

Total regard for the children, well being, abilities etc

Positive teaching, constructive feedback and excellent committed staff (teaching and support)

Safe, comfortable environment for learning

One strength is the staff are all very welcoming and easy to talk to if we have any issues

Individual learning plans

Constructive teacher attitude

Positive morals and respect

Including all children to interact with different age groups

Friendly and warm environment

Encouraging children to reach targets on time

A very well organised school

The teachers and staff

Staff and teachers