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St Cuthbert’s Response to Parent’s Feedback - November 2014

Thank you for filling in a questionnaire and helping us to improve. We appreciate all the positive comments and acknowledgement of our successes as well as comments on the areas in which we need to improve further.

The school deals effectively with bullying

79 parents agreed or strongly agreed with this statement. There were 4 parents who didn’t feel the school dealt well with bullying issues and 20 parents who answered that they did not know.

Our response

  • In line with our school policy and Government guidance, the school keeps detailed records of any bullying which occurs.

  • Clear procedures are followed which alert all staff to the situation and aim to stop the bullying completely through close supervision etc

  • Support is put in place both for the child being bullied and for the child who is bullying to ensure the behaviour is eradicated.

  • Meetings are held with the children involved and their parents to monitor how the support is going and what improvements are being made.

  • Our aim is that the children will eventually be friends and show forgiveness in line with our Christian ethos.

  • Parents meetings were held in the Spring term last year to discuss bullying and the difference between systematic bullying which is targeted and random name calling, which is not the same as bullying. Sadly only 4 parents attended these meetings.

  • We aim to repeat the meetings again next year and hope that they will be more widely attended.

My child finds school meals enjoyable

54 Parents said that their children enjoyed school meals. 12 Parents said that their children did not enjoy the school meals.

Our response

  • The Local authority have put together a menu which is nutritionally balanced and will ensure your child gets all their dietary requirements on a daily basis.

  • The school has an open invitation to parents to join us for lunch or come in and observe the lunchtimes and choices available (by appointment please) as stated on our last newsletter

  • In January we are going to have taster bowls available for children to try something new such as cous cous or roasted vegetables as sometimes children say they don’t like something without even trying it.

  • The schools council have made questionnaires which they are giving out to the children following Christmas to find out what they enjoy or dislike about school meals.

  • There is a meeting planned with the cook and the schools council to look at feedback from our questionnaires and how we can improve our menu.

The schools discipline systems are effective

67 parents agreed with the statement and 6 disagreed.

Our response

  • As a school we believe that as with any learning, behaviour has different starting points and some children need more help and support than others to achieve the expectation.

  • Golden time and reward assemblies celebrate all the good behaviour present in school on a weekly basis.

  • We have introduced half termly parties for those who never lost golden time.

  • A school code has been introduced which all children know and try to follow – it is displayed in the school hall

  • Circle time, PHSE, Routes of Empathy and Statements to Live By all explore our feelings and treatment of others and how we need to live together in tolerance and respect.

  • When a situation arises, class teachers/TAs or Nurture group staff spend time talking with the child as appropriate

  • Playtime detention, lunchtime detention and after school detention are all given as sanctions for children who repeatedly break the rules.

  • Parents are informed of repeated bad behaviour through a phone call or letter. The behaviour is closely monitored and recorded.

  • We believe that overall behaviour is good and the incidents which are not, are dealt with effectively.

  • As a school we will continue to improve behaviour even further.

Homework and information about progress in school

Over 90 parents were happy that they had the correct information and homework. 7 parents disagreed with the statement.

There was a mixed response, some parents felt that the children received too much homework and some felt that there was not enough.

In the New Year we will send out a second questionnaire specifically aimed at developing these areas in school.

We would like to know what would be helpful to you most in terms of helping your child to progress. What information would be most helpful and how would you like to receive the information?

We look forward to receiving your views so that we can continue to make improvements. Thank you.

The Staff and Governors of St Cuthbert’s RC Primary School.


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