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Sports Day

On the 8th July it was sports day for the KS2, they were lots of events which included: the egg and spoon race (which was made up of a tennis ball and a tennis racket), the rugby relay (we had to run to the end of the track score a tri, run back and pass the ball on), the sponge relay (you had a sponge, run to the other end and fill the sponge with water and squeeze it into the bucket. The team that had the most water in the bucket at the end won). There were also two more events that were skipping and the shuttle run. Some pupils from KS1 were demonstrating each event.

On the afternoon it was the KS1 sports day, they had the same activities as us, but they didn’t do skipping. Two year 6 pupils demonstrated each race, we were in charge of the obstacle course. In the obstacle course you to sit on a spot, pull the hula hoop over your head, jump over the hurdles but KS2 had to do 10 speed bounces over the hurdle and they had to run back and then the other person could go when you have finished. After the races had finished, we had to say thank you to our family and friends for coming to watch us all.

Each team was named after a country that would participate in Rio Olympics 2016, for example China, Brazil, Jamaica, Great Britain and Australia. Everyone showed good sports manship and thankfully it didn’t rain while we were going the races.

By Neve Duffy and Ellie Clapham

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