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Parents Evening Feedback October 2017

What would you like to see at St Cuthbert’s for parents? -12 parents said more open days or work together days/invitations to spend time in school - 2 said getting parents more involved helping with reading/spellings in school - More fayres/cake sales/toy sales - 2 said more communication - Interactive online contact eg progress reports/important learning - 2 said Training and support in how to help with homework/ class work - Enjoyed EYFS Open day, hope school does it again - An app for parents to see progress and contact teacher etc, - 3 Parents training (phonics etc) to be held after 5 pm for working parents - Full days for nursery pupils - More invitations to assemblies like Fridays last term - EYFS graduation to reception - Leavers meeting to inform parents of change from Rec to Y1 including work/homework/criteria/standards - Not sure, child is new to school but has been made to feel welcome - To see child’s books more often to see progress - Open day, beneficial for parents to see work and projects What do you see as the strengths of St Cuthbert’s? - The teachers approach to learning - Parents good relationship with teachers, can’t fault their hard work and dedication - Well behaved children - Fab/great staff - 4 said Friendly/approachable staff - Excellent breakfast club - Good teamwork/community - 3 said welcoming school - 2 said supportive school - Children learn well and become very independent - 2 said family atmosphere - 2 said good pastoral care - Strong religious beliefs/faith and links to Church - School has transformed in recent years, well done - A holistic view of children, my child loves learning and being a wider part of local community - 6 said community - Supportive teachers/Headteacher - Positivity of teachers + bonds with children - 4 said communication and sharing information between school/parents - School values - Teacher helped build child’s confidence in school, reflected at home - Behaviour is a strong key, nipped in the bud quickly - 2 said very nurturing - 2 said staff listens to concerns - Teachers relationships with children, child excited to see teacher every day - Teachers amazing at making children feel comfortable and secure - Teeth-brushing at school - Teaching - Classrooms - Outdoor space - Constant progress - 2 said treating children as individuals - Excellent moral/social values centred around faith - Behaviour management - Aspiration/expectations of pupils - Good resources and equipment - Openness - Friendly pupils - Always lots going on - Fantastic caring environment - Everything - School does well despite limited funding (large classes) - Great education and age appropriate What would you like to see happening next at St Cuthbert’s? - Keep working the way you are, school will be the best in Hartlepool - More trips - Non uniform days - 3 Keep up the good work - 2 said more afterschool clubs - 3 Breakfast club to be held in school Governors have considered this but it would mean a considerable increase to costs as we would not be able to access volunteers or grants. We estimate the cost would be £3 per day per child. We also feel the space and walk to school are both beneficial to the children as it improves their fitness and provides space for an array of fun activities. - More involvement in Church - More communication We currently have monthly newsletters, a website with dates and events, Facebook page, twitter account and a school cal app. We try to give advance notice of dates. We are exploring an app which shares photos and comments to parents regarding children’s work so this may be something for the future. Teachers are always available via appointment if you wish to explore your child’s learning and work further. - Going from strength to strength - Parent/child lessons, learn together in school - Swimming for all years in KS2 This is something we would like to offer in the future but it largely depends on budget and pool availability. We are not allowed to charge for swimming lessons in school time. - Afterschool activities – not PE There will be an ICT web club, art club, science club, change for life club and mini vinnies over the school year. Unfortunately we do not have the staffing or space to offer such clubs to all ages. - Loved open day in nursery, would love to do this with older children Come and enjoy our Christmas open days! - Continue good work + providing happy school life - Continue to improve - More productions, not just at Christmas to allow pupils to showcase talents This is something we are considering for the spring and summer term with the introduction of a drama club and a Cuthies got talent show! - Recognition for constant high achievers like you have for good attendance We believe our Reading jigsaws will help with this. We also have a science, art and history awards and trophies at the end of each year. All our children achieve whether it be in kindness, good manners, sport, art, literacy or maths. We aim to celebrate talents in all. - More outdoor experiences eg trips to parks/forest school We are aiming to enrich our curriculum with more experiences. Trips are great fun and memorable for all but always incur a cost. We have struggled in recent years to cover all the costs from donations. Continued visits and trips rely on the generosity of parents. - Any fun activities - Lego club to help with fine motor skills - Help tackle dog fouling and parking outside school gates, ask parents to report offenders to council The patrol car is operating regularly in our area. Governors are considering cameras to catch persistent offenders. We welcome the support of parents to ensure children can safely enter and leave school premises on a daily basis. - Christmas open day Each class is holding a Christmas open day to which parents/carers are invited. - Continue being a fabulous school

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