• St. Cuthbert's School

Parents Evening Feedback April 2017

Dear Parents,

Thank you for your feedback to our recent questionnaire. 89 responses were received and this is what you said about the school. (% based on those who agreed or strongly agreed)

99% of parents who completed the questionnaire said the children were happy at school.

100% of parents said their child was safe at school.

98% of parents said their child was making good progress at school.

99% of parents said their child was well looked after at school.

97% of parents felt their child received appropriate homework for their age.

100% of parents who replied felt their child was well taught at this school.

97% of parents felt that pupils are well behaved at school.

98% of parents who replied felt that the school deals effectively with bullying.

100% of parents felt that the school was well led and managed.

99% felt the school responds well to concerns that are raised.

99% felt they receive valuable information about their child’s progress.

100% who replied said they would recommend the school to another parent.

Workshop Interest: number of responses

E safety 7

Bullying 12

Maths KS1 13

Maths KS2 12

Reading KS1 13

Reading KS2 11

Writing KS1 14

Writing KS2 12

EYFS learning and play 4

We will be running a series of workshops in the summer and autumn terms.

During or After School preference

After dinner time 1

After school 10

During 8

After 4 pm 1

Both 3

After if children are able to come 1

Workshops will take place after school or in the evening and ample notice will be given.

St Cuthberts Strengths, The following comments were made about

Staff and teaching:

Teachers engage individually with pupils/ supporting children in their work

2 parents said good teachers / excellent teaching and support staff

Teachers seem to put a lot of effort in with the children

2 said the teaching is great

2 said Teacher/children relationships

Children think highly of teachers and have a great respect for them

Age appropriate teaching

Relaxed informal setting which encourages learning

Multiple strengths in all areas of teaching

Small groups, encourage confidence and individual learning objectives

The Headteacher

Lovely staff

They have a good experience of working with children from different countries

Always have time for parents and pupils and always tries to improve

Great morale

Working together

Extra support available


3 parents said good communication

Regular updates re activities occurring within school

Well informed of upcoming events

3 parents replied -responds to concerns raised

Please remember we have a schoolCal app which can be downloaded to your phone as well as monthly newsletters, a website and a Facebook page. Newsletters and dates are all on our website.

School Environment

Children are always very happy and safe

The progress my kids are making is great/happy with progress

The school has a good structure an is friendly

Very well kept

2 said Lovely school with good Catholic ethos

9 said Friendly/welcoming/caring

3 said Sense of community and togetherness/ Community environment

Children seem very happy, helps learning in a positive environment