• St. Cuthbert's School

January 2019 Newsletter

Dear Parents/Carers,

Happy New Year! Welcome back to the spring term at St Cuthberts. As usual, we have much to share with you and many opportunities for you to join us in school. Our focus this term is wellbeing – we are looking at how to keep a healthy mind and body. There is lots of information available on www.actionforhappiness.org

Mental Health

Our PHSE sessions over the next 10 weeks will focus on The GREAT DREAM – Giving, Relating, Exercise, Awareness, Trying new things, Direction, Resilience, Emotions, Acceptance and Meaning. We hope our children (and you) at home will use these strategies to improve your personal wellbeing and mental health.

Managing anxiety workshop - 7th February 3.45pm in school hall

All parents are invited to attend a workshop run by a senior Educational Psychologist in how to manage your child’s anxiety. If not managed well anxiety can create poor mental health. The session will provide tips and techniques for you and your child.

Parent Governor required

Joanne Wallace one of our parent governors has had to resign from her post due to work commitments. Therefore parents will need to elect a new parent Governor to join Kirsty Hall on our team. No experience is required just time and enthusiasm. Please see Mrs Wilson if you are interested. A vote will be held later this month.

Guitar Tuition

Places are still available to receive guitar or brass tuition in school via Tees Valley music service. Instruments are provided however there is a small cost termly for tuition.

Please see Mrs Craig or the office if your child is interested. (Y3 upwards only)

Road safety

There is currently no Lollipop service for children crossing the road on the corner outside St Cuthberts Church. Therefore we strongly recommend that parents use the lollipop service outside st Aidan’s school. It will make the journey slightly longer but much safer. Our walking bus will be doing this until a new Lollipop attendant is appointed.

Dress code

A reminder that the school uniform includes black shoes or trainers. Children will be asked to change in to PE shoes if coming to school in brightly coloured trainers or shoes.

Residential trips for Y5 and Y6

Our Y5 children will be away for 3 days in Berwick and Holy Island in May and our Y6 children will visit Keswick in the Lake District in July. Both trips aim to improve independence, confidence and social skills as well as providing exercise and an enjoyment of the outdoors. Payment cards have been issued and we suggest a small donation each week to cover the balance by April 1st.

Science week 11th – 15th March

As last year we will be inviting parents to join in our learning. If any parent/carer has an interest or job linked to science and would like to share their knowledge/experience with our children please see Mr MacDermid. (Y6 teacher)

World Book Day – 7th March 2019

Children can come to school dressed as a character from a book they have studied in school recently so you can get busy preparing! Home-made costumes are always very effective!

Class Assemblies

A reminder about the class assemblies to which you are very welcome. They are in the school hall at 9.15am.

22nd Jan – Miss Wilde class

5th February – Mrs Craig class

12th March Mrs Colley Class

2nd April Mrs Bray class

Dates for diaries

5th February – safer internet day

7th Feb – Managing your child’s anxiety 3.45-5.15pm in school hall

15th Feb – Half term break

25th Feb – back to school

26th Feb – KS1 Disco – N, R, Y1 and Y2 5-6.30pm

27th Feb – KS2 Disco – Y3 – Y6. 5-6pm

7th March – World Book Day – dress as a book character if you wish to.

1st April- Parents Evening 3 – 6pm

2nd April Parents Evening 3-6pm

After school clubs this term

Monday- Racquet/ball games. – Y3/4

Tuesday- mutli skills, games Y1, Y2.

Wednesday- y5, y6- ball games club

Thursday- girls club y5, y4 y3

Friday- Football.y5/6

Christmas gifts to staff

Finally, a huge thank you to parents for the numerous gifts we received at Christmas. It’s such an expensive time and we do not expect personal gifts. Instead if you would like to give a gift in future please can we suggest a donation to school or the church instead. A card with a heartfelt message which is always appreciated. Whole staff gifts could be sent to the staffroom for all staff to share.

Wishing you good health and happiness for the year,


Mrs J Wilson