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Futurism: how we made it.

To make our pictures and drawings look futuristic, we used two main techniques. One of the techniques that we used was to repeat copies of a figure across the page to show movement. Once we had the copies of the figure on our piece of card, we shaded or painted them with light coloured pencil or paint; people either used all different colours or chose one colour and used many different shades of that one colour. The results were very interesting of how no one’s picture looked the same.

The other technique that we used was to draw one of Umberto Boccioni’s or Giacomo Balla’s drawings (The Cyclist or Dog on a lead) and draw curves and lines in different places and sizes to show how the object is moving. By drawing many lines, it also showed the speed to the object. Once we had finished the pencil version of the picture, we copied one of Boccioni’s paintings such as The Cyclist. To copy them, instead of using paint, we used pastels and chalk. It was great fun to try and make our own pictures look futuristic.

By Josh Hall

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