• St. Cuthbert's School

December 2018 Newsletter

Dear Parents/Carers,

It is such a lovely time in school as we enjoy the season of Advent and prepare for the birth of our Lord Jesus. Please join us at our performances, the carol concert on the last day or at our craft sessions next week. All relevant dates are below and on our website.

Father Jim warmly invites you to Mass over Christmas – see dates and times below.


Christmas Eve Monday 24th December 2018

St Joseph’s 5.30pm Carols, 6.00pm Mass

St Patrick’s 5.30pm Carols, 6.00pm Mass

St John Vianney 5.30pm Carols, 6.00pm Mass

St Mary’s 9.30pm Carols 10.00pm Mass

Christmas Day 25th December 2018

St Thomas More 8.30am Mass

St Cuthbert’s 9.00am Mass

St Joseph’s 10.00am Mass

New Year’s Day 1st January 2019

St John Vianney 10.00am Mass

St Joseph’s 12 noon Mass

St Cuthbert’s 9.30am Mass

The money raised at the Christmas fair (£950) will pay for our Christmas parties and treats.

Your child can come to school in their party clothes but please be aware they need suitable footwear and clothing for playing outside at break times and lunch. Thank you

Friday 14th December – Mrs Mudd and Mrs Gilbraith classes (Reception)

Monday 17th December - Y1/Y2 party –pm Mrs Flounders and Mrs Bray

Tuesday 18th December - Y3/Y4 party –pm Mrs Colley, Mrs Craig and Mr Tennant

Tuesday 18th December – morning – for all Nursery children (afternoon children too)

Thursday 20th December – Y5/Y6 party-pm Miss Wilde, Mr MacDermid and Mrs Maw

Parent Craft Afternoons

Please join your child in class to make Christmas crafts together.

Friday 14th December 9- 10.30am Y1 Mrs Flounders

Tuesday 18th December 9 – 10.30am Mr MacDermid, Mrs Maw classes

Tuesday 18th December 1.30 – 3pm Mrs Bray and Miss Wilde classes

Thursday 20th December 9-10.30am Mrs Craig and Mrs Colley classes

Thursday 20th December – Reception/ Nursery – 1.30pm

Thursday 20th December 1.30-3.00 pm Mr Tennant

Carol Concert in Church

All parents are welcome to our Carol concert in church on Friday 21st December at 9.30am. Tickets are not required (only singing voices and smiles!)

Christmas jumper day and table decoration competition

Next Wednesday 19th December is our Christmas lunch in school. The children can wear something Christmassy with their uniform if they wish to. We are also holding our annual table decoration competition for all children. Get busy this weekend with your crafts!

Kind donation from Parish

Thank you very much to the singing ladies of the choir who donated £180 which they raised in their Carol afternoon. Many thanks for your generosity.

Footballer’s success

Well done to our Y5/6 football team who have won both the champions league and the premiership in Hartlepool. Officially the best team in Hartlepool this season!

School choir

Well done to the 40 children who travelled to the Borough Hall yesterday to sing. You were all wonderful. Well done to Mrs Craig for her hard work in teaching you all.

Classroom problems

Finally, Mrs Colley’s Class and Mrs Craig’s class will be returning to their classrooms. We have had severe problems with damp which are now solved. Well done to the children and their teachers for their patience.

100 Club Winners

Our numbers this month and last month were number 83 November and number 34 December. These both go to the school as all the numbers are not taken.

Mental Health

How to keep a healthy mind will be our focus for the spring term. We will be running information and training sessions for parents on a number of subjects and talking to children about how to keep their minds healthy. In a stressful world we need to teach our children and ourselves strategies to help us remain positive and resilient.


Our whole school attendance is currently 95.1% a little below national (96%) I ask parents and children to support us next term in achieving 96% - we have been hit by chicken pox and sickness bugs! Please remind children about the importance of washing their hands with soap.

Finally, may I wish you all a very special Christmas filled with love, joy and peace. I hope you get chance to enjoy your children and all their many talents.

Every blessing,

Mrs J Wilson.