• St. Cuthbert's School

Class Assemblies for Parents

Class Assemblies and Masses for Parents

Thursday Mornings at 9.10 am

5th May Y4 Class 7 (Miss James)

19th May Y1/2 Class 3 (Mrs Allison)

16th June Y1 Class 2 (Mrs Flounders)

23rd June YR Class 1 (Mrs Daly)

7th July Y2 Class 4 (Mrs Craig)

14th July Y6 Class 9/10 (Mrs Colley/Mrs Maw) Leavers

Class Masses Summer Term 2016 – Mass in church at 9.15am Wednesdays

Wed 27th April

Class 3 and 2 Mrs Allison and Mrs Flounders

Wed 4th May

Class 8 – Mr Tennant

Class 7 – Miss James

Wed 18th May

Whole school Mass –

Month of May – Our Lady

Whole school

Wed 25th May

Class 4, 6 and 5 – Mr MacDermid and Mrs Thomas and Mrs Craig

Wed 8th June

Class 9 and 10 Mrs Maw and Mrs Colley

Wed 15th June

Class 7 and 4

Mrs Craig and Miss James

Wed 22nd June

Class 3,2 and 1 Mrs Allison, Mrs Flounders and Mrs Daly

Wed 29th June

Whole school Mass

Feast of St Peter and Paul

Whole School

Wed 6th July

Class 6,5,and 4 Mrs Craig, Mrs Thomas and Mr MacDermid

Wed 13th July

Class 9 and 10 – Y6 Leavers Mass

Whole school


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