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Class 9’s trip to Pizza Express

As a treat for perfect attendance, we got to go to Pizza Express in Teesside Park- for the third time in a row!

When we got there we sat down and were given an activity sheet and a chef’s hat to design. We were all given a number that we were to put on our pizza hat: this was the number of our pizza.

Then we tried dough balls, chillis, capers, goat’s cheese, anchovies and much more.

Then we got given a pizza base to cover in tomato sauce and cheese. While waiting for our pizzas to cook, we took turns to flip some dough- some people got a bit too excited and threw it onto the ledge.

Then we got our pizzas and shared them with our family. It is good to have perfect attendance at St Cuthbert’s because you get fun rewards like this.

By Hollie Hughes

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