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Class 9 First Aid Training

Class 9 First Aid Training by Faye Moran

Year 6 had a visit from St Johns Ambulance (Eric) to teach us how to potentially save someone’s life.

The first life skill that Eric taught us was DRSABC meaning:

D= danger

R= response

S= shout for help

A= airway

B= breathing

C= circulation

He also taught us how to put someone in the recovery position.

How to put a person in a recovery position

1. Kneel by the casualty’s waist.

2. Place the hand nearest you at a right angle.

3. Grasp the hand furthest you, place the back of their hand against their cheek closest to you.

4. Lift the leg furthest away from you at the knee and place their foot on the floor.

5. using their knee as a lever pull the person onto their side.

6. Ensure their head is still tilted back and they are on their side.


  1. Make sure the patient is lied on their back

  2. Cushion their head

  3. Lift their legs up so the blood from the head can rush to the brain

  4. Put any coats or blankets over them to keep them warm


  1. Ask them if they are choking

  2. Call 999 or 112

  3. Take the heel of your hand and between their shoulder blades hit them up to 5 times

  4. If it has not came out yet make a fist with one hand and cover it with the other hand start to hit them ( in-between the ribs ) up to 5 times

  5. Repeat these steps until the ambulance is ready to take over

If you follow this information, you could save lives.

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