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The children line up in the playground to be accompanied into school when the bell rings at 8.50 a.m.


Morning Session: -

Begins 8.55 a.m. - Ends  12.00 noon – Reception and Key Stage One

                                Ends  12.15 p.m.   - Key Stage Two


Afternoon Session: -   1.00 p.m. – 3.00 p.m.


All pupils have a fifteen minute break during the morning.

Reception and Key Stage One pupils also have a ten-minute break during the afternoon.


Nursery Sessions: -

Morning session: Children can enter Nursery 8.30-9.00. Nursery ends 11.30am.

Afternoon session: Children can enter Nursery 12.30-1.00. Nursery children can be collected from 3.00-3.30pm.


Busy Books are sent home with Nursery children on a Friday. They have homework in which may include letter and number of the week or an activity to complete on our topic. Busy Books are to be brought back into Nursery on a Thursday please.


Nursery children all have a key worker. Key worker groups are placed on the parent information board inside the cloakroom. If you would like to speak to your child’s key worker or Nursery Teacher please just ask.


Nursery currently offers a Pre Nursery (Toddler) group. This is on a Thursday morning any time from 8.30-11am. If you are interested please speak to a member of staff within Nursery.



Children enter and leave via the gate on Beachfield Drive.  In order to ensure children’s safety, parents are asked not to park on Beachfield Drive but to leave cars in one of the many adjacent roads and walk children to the school gate. 


We wish to bring to your attention that the Local Council has imposed a Speed Limit of 20 MPH in Beachfield Drive and Stratford Road and Parking is prohibited on Beachfield Drive, immediately outside of the school gates, between 8.30 and 9.30 a.m. and 2.30 and 4.00 p.m; this restriction includes stopping to drop off and collect children. Please do not park over the gateways of the residents of Beachfield Drive.


Although we try to make school as welcoming as possible, in order to further promote safety the Governors of St. Cuthbert’s ask that children only enter school through doors from the playground.  Reception children should enter the door leading into the Reception classes. 


In accordance with the Home/School Agreement, parents are asked to inform school of the reason for a child’s absence on the first day of absence.  Messages may be left with the school office staff.   You will receive a phone-call from school to check why your child is absent if you do not contact us.



Dinner money, for the full week, must be sent to school in the envelope provided, on the first day of each school week (no late payments please).  Parents are asked to send in the correct money; when a child is due a credit because of absence, please adjust the following week.


A free meal is provided to children whose parents are in receipt of Income Support or Income Based Job Seekers Allowance.  Parents need to complete form FSM 1 which is available from school or the Civic Centre (Tel 266522) and send it to the Department of Social Security/Employment Services.  If this form is not completed, you will be charged for meals.  Every effort is made to ensure children receiving free school meals cannot be distinguished from other children.


Children may bring a packed lunch to school.  Water is available for every child and children are encouraged to drink water rather than bottled drinks.  All children are asked to provide a water bottle which they can fill with filtered, chilled water from a machine.


If parents wish to change from packed lunch to school lunches or vice versa, they need to give notice to a member of the school office staff.  Children will then be able to change at the beginning of the next half term.  Please do not change without first consulting the office staff or the Headteacher.



At St. Cuthbert’s we believe that a pupils’ learning is extended and reinforced through the completion of homework.  Similarly, we hope that children will share what they have learnt in school at home.  Homework is proportional to the child’s age and we encourage parents to take an active part in ensuring their child completes the given tasks on time.



We run an after school club in partnership with St Aidan’s C of E Primary School.  For information on how to access the after school club and current charges, £5.00 per session, please contact the school office.  The club is based in St. Cuthbert’s school hall and runs from 3 pm to 6 pm. A snack is provided. 



At St Cuthbert’s there is a group of parents, grandparents and staff who meet at least once a term to organise fund raising activities and activities for the children, such as discos, social functions, sponsored events.  Some parents and friends of the school help with our reading across school.  Any parent who would like to help in this way can contact Mrs. P. Smith who is the Parent Liaison Officer of the school, or the Headteacher.  Parents are informed of the ‘Friends’ meetings in a Newsletter sent home with the children, and on posters around the school.


All parents, guardians, grand parents of children in the school are regarded as being “Friends of St. Cuthbert’s”



When a child is admitted to school, parents are required to provide at least two telephone numbers so adults can be contacted in case of emergency.  If a child is involved in a serious accident and needs immediate hospital treatment, he/she will be taken to hospital immediately and the parent informed as soon as possible.  In the case of less serious accidents, or illness, parents will be informed so they can decide what, if any, treatment the child requires.  If any of your contact details change, please let the office staff or Headteacher know in case we need to contact you.



The designated person for Child Protection is the Headteacher.  In the absence of the Headteacher, Mrs Smith the Parent Support Advisor or Mrs Daly the Assistant Headteacher can help you with any concerns.  The Child Protection Policy is available in the School Office.


Medicines - If a child needs to take any medication at school, parents or guardians must complete the appropriate form, which then requires a counter signature by the Headteacher.  School can only issue medication that is prescribed by a doctor if the times required are within the school day. 


Medical inspections – Children are weighed, measured and given relevant health checks during their first year at school.  All parents are notified of any visits in school and are invited to attend.


School Nurse – The school nurse attends regularly to carry out routine checks and to discuss health problems.  They can be contacted at University Hospital Hartlepool. Tel: - 01429 522718



Children with Special Educational Needs, including those with statements, will, where appropriate and taking into account the wishes of parents, be educated alongside children of the same age within St. Cuthbert’s school, with classroom support when available.


The school adheres to the Code of Practice for Special Educational Needs.  As soon as staff feel that a child has Special Educational Needs they will talk to the parents and bring the child to the attention of the Special Educational Needs Coordinator (SENCO).



The school has a very strong commitment to equality in education.  We believe that all pupils, regardless of race, gender, religion, physical disability or educational ability, should be given the opportunity to develop their talents fully.



The Governor’s of St. Cuthbert’s continue to urge parents to keep leave of absence to a minimum and remind them that no leave of absence will be granted, except in exceptional circumstances as directed by the Government in June 2013.


We have a rate of absence higher than national.  Please inform school, by telephone every day of the reason of all absences. 


Unauthorised absences include: -


  • Any absence for which school has not received an adequate explanation;

  • Late arrival, without good reason, after close of registration at 9.10 a.m.

  • Shopping;

  • Looking after brothers and sisters;

  • Birthdays;

  • Holidays;



Authorised absence may include: -


  • Illness, including medical and dental appointments;

  • Special family occasions

  • Family bereavement or crisis

  • Holidays in special circumstances.


Most parents are very conscientious in informing school of absence due to illness; when we do not receive notification we try, whenever possible, to phone home and ascertain the reason of absence, as outlined in the Home School Contract.  Unfortunately, we cannot always make contact.  Please inform school immediately of any change of address or telephone number.  Registration closes at 9.10 a.m.  If a child arrives after that time, without good reason, it is treated as an absence. 



If a parent is unhappy about any aspect of the school, it should first be discussed with the Headteacher.  Complaints not resolved in this way can then be made in writing to the Chair of Governors and signed by the complainant.  A copy of the Complaints and Reconciliation Policy is available from school.