Introduction PE and School Sport at St Cuthbert’s


In 2013, the Primary PE and Sport Premium funding was introduced. It is designed to help primary schools improve the quality of PE and school sport provision. Since then the schools teachers, sports coach and teacher assistant’s work collaboratively in making sure this is fulfilled. Mr Williamson teaches PE across the whole school and delivers lunchtime and extracurricular sports.


We are immensely proud of our pupil’s progress in PE and school sport, and it is our aim to grow together and keep on raising the profile of PE and school sport in our school.

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PE and School Sport

At St Cuthbert’s, our PE School Sport philosophy is to provide all children with environments in which they can succeed, acquire and develop skills and knowledge.


At St Cuthbert’s we create an array of enjoyable, competitive, challenging, and meaningful activities for all.   We aim to stimulate and excite the children and help develop a positive attitude to exercise, participate in sport and pursue a healthy life style.


At St Cuthbert’s we know that regular involvement in physical activity will promote better performance in the classroom, raising self-esteem of pupils, developing an array of physical, mental and social skills that will  impact positively on our pupils. ‘Healthy active pupils have happy hearts and achieve more’.

What do you like about PE and the lunchtime activities?


" I think PE is important because it helps us to stay fit and I enjoy everything about sports and think its fun." (Saffron, Y6)


"I like to play football and i like that we can chose what we would like to do." (Grace, Y6)


"I like challenging myself and making friends." (Callum, Y6)


" What i like most about PE is that you are always active my favourite sport to play is football." (Grace W, Y6)


"I like playing netball and basketball and i like to create new dances." (Maddison, Y6)


" I like to play every sport in PE, I also like to make my own games up with my friends." (Savannah, Y5)


" What I like about PE is that we do different activities. It is important to me because it helps me get fit." (Connor, Y6)


" We get to choose what we want to do and I enjoy the activities with or without equipment." (Kenzie, Y5)


"I like that we can play with the skips and the basketballs and i like playing active games and making friends in PE." (Hollie, Y6)

“I love netball and handball after school club because I enjoy it so much. I think the sports that I am good at now will affect my life massively in the future” (Nicole Y5)

“I like it when we do different games in netball and you learn more netball skills and I like when we have matches in football and we always learn more about football” (Bonnie Y4)

“I like doing activities such as Dodgeball because we do not normally do these activities in everyday life. I participate in netball club and I enjoy it because I am good and I enjoy it. It is important to me because it could be the first time I am on a team and represent the school” (Harry Y6)

“If you participate you will enjoy everything and be happy. Also you learn new skills in an enjoyable way. It’s important to play sports to keep healthy and happy at all times” (Dion Y6 Sport Leader)


“I like it because you do not have to just sit on the bench and be bored. Everyone can join in and have some fun and it improves your fitness” (Y4 pupil)

“Basketball because I’m not that good, so I can get better, I like Skipercise because I can beat my records” (Y4 pupil)

“I think it’s great that we have sport over lunchtime because it teaches the smaller children new skills and also there is something to do if you are feeling bored” (Barbara, Y6 Sport Leader)

“I like netball and penalty shootout the most because netball improves my footwork which could get me a chance to be on the netball team. The football makes me better at shooting in a straight line” (Harry Y6)

“I like basketball shooting because me and Nathan train every single day, also it will make us get better at our shooting and we could get on the team!” (Owen Y6)

“What I like about the sports is that I like to do skipping that one of my best things to do and the sports leaders are very helpful” (Shannon Y6)

Extracurricular Sport  

At St Cuthbert’s we have a range of after school sports clubs for all year groups Monday – Friday. 

Term 1 45% of KS1 and KS2 signed up/attended after school sport. Of the 90 pupils who attended, 51% (46) were girls and 49% (44) were boys. 32% (29) of pupils were pupil Premium. 

Term 2 42% of KS1 and KS2 signed up/attended after school sport. Of the 87 pupils who attended, 58% (51) were girls and 42% (36) were boys. 24% (21) of pupils were pupil Premium. 

The after school sport emphasis is on acquiring and developing skills for invasion games (e.g., netball, basketball) striking and fielding games (e.g., scatter ball, KWIK cricket) and net/wall games (e.g., volleyball, tennis). The after school sports clubs are important preparation for cluster and town competitions and friendly matches. After school sports are important as they facilitate intra school competition and help identify pupils for many of our inter school sports teams.

Lunchtime Sports

Year 3 and 4 netball and basketball. Emphasis on acquiring the necessary skills (e.g., throwing, travelling, footwork, shooting, marking) to participate in netball and basketball confidently and effectively. 


Change4Life club. Change4Life Sports Clubs are a new type of extracurricular sports club, designed to increase physical activity levels in less active children in primary and secondary schools by:


Using multi-sport themes (primary) or alternative school sports (secondary)


Using the inspiration of the Olympic and Paralympic Games


Responding to what children want


Establishing a habit of regular participation


Developing a real sense of belonging


Changing behaviours relating to key health outcomes (including healthy eating, physical activity and emotional health)



Year 2 multi sports. Emphasis on acquiring fundamental skills (e.g., spatial awareness, moving, catching) to participate in adapted sport activities. 



Year 3 and 4 girl’s football. Emphasis on acquiring the necessary skills (passing, controlling, scoring) to participate in football confidently and effectively.



Year 5 and 6 netball and basketball. Emphasis on acquiring the skills and knowledge required to be successful in netball and basketball (e.g., throwing, travelling, footwork, shooting, marking). 



Year 5 and 6 handball. Emphasis on acquiring the skills and knowledge required to be successful in handball.



Sports Leaders and Lunchtime Sport 


Mr Williamson, Mrs Rafferty, Mrs Holroyd, Mrs Trundley, Miss Tootill,  and 10 year 6 sports leaders deliver structured lunchtime physical activities for key stage 2. We have minimised injuries and misbehaviour at lunchtimes. The key stages 2 pupils are more active, and engaged in a sporting activity at lunchtimes. This terms activities are;

  1. Netball/basketball shooting arena

  2. Basketball skills zone

  3. Skipercise

  4. Netball footwork drills

  5. Football set pieces 


The sport leaders and sports activators are highly driven in developing their own leadership and sports skills. Together we make a special, positive and enthusiastic difference at St Cuthbert’s.

Intra school competition

Intra school sport competition takes place every Friday afternoon for pupils who choose sport for golden time. The sport changes each week, to ensure a broad range of sporting competition (e.g., netball, handball, football) is experienced by our pupils. 10 year 6 pupils form the school sport organising committee. We discuss and plan school sport at the beginning of each half term. The committee support intra school competition every Friday (e.g., scorers, photographers, team captains). 

Inter school competition

The SSP English Martyrs School organises a programme of inter school competitions for our pupils to compete against schools in our cluster. For updates on intra and inter school competition, check out our Twitter feed! @StCuthbertsPESS




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