P.E. Curriculum


At St Cuthbert’s School, we plan lessons using the National curriculum and where appropriate link it to the topics being covered in the classroom.  Mr Williamson is our experienced sports coach who works with the class teacher and the classroom assistant to not only deliver exciting and energetic lessons from Reception to Year 6 but also enhance and develop their knowledge of PE and sport.

PE and School Sport


At St Cuthbert’s, our PE School Sport philosophy is to provide all children with environments in which they can succeed, acquire and develop skills and knowledge.

We create an array of enjoyable, competitive, challenging, and meaningful activities for all.   We aim to stimulate and excite the children and help develop a positive attitude to exercise, participate in sport and pursue a healthy life style.

 We know that regular involvement in physical activity will promote better performance in the classroom, raising self-esteem of pupils, developing an array of physical, mental and social skills that will  impact positively on our pupils. ‘Healthy active pupils have happy hearts and achieve more’.


The children in the reception class participate in physical development with their class teacher in the Autumn term and then have a designated one hour a week lesson with Mr Williamson.   The children participate in dance, gymnastics and multi-skills (Agility, Balance, Coordination) whilst continuing to achieve their Early Learning Goals.

They have balance bikes available for children to use when they are playing in our outdoor area at playtimes and lunchtimes. A member of staff from Summerhill visit during the Autumn term who delivers a balance bike programme over a period of approximately four weeks where the children can progress onto a bike with pedals. 

Key Stage 1

The children in Key Stage 1 participate in activities that develop fundamental PE skills such as invasion games, striking and fielding, net and wall games, creative movement and athletics.   Each half term the focus of the lessons changes.  The children are assessed by the teacher and the sports coach throughout the year.

Key Stage 2

The children in lower key stage 2 continue to progress their fundamental PE skills that they have acquired and then in upper key stage 2 they develop their skills and knowledge to participate in sports.   The children are assessed by the teacher and the sports coach throughout the year.


Our aim is for every pupil to have achieved the 25 metre certificate by the time they leave primary school. 

The children in Year 3 and 4 attend swimming sessions for two terms in their school year.  Children in Year 5 who experienced difficulty with swimming in previous years will continue to attend sessions to develop ability and confidence.

Outdoor and adventurous activities

We aim for all children to explore outdoor and adventurous activities throughout the year both within the school environment and at a variety of outdoor locations: Summerhill Country Park, West View Project, Wynyard Woods, etc.   The playground has numerous adventurous outdoor activities which change throughout the year and also a trim trail and climbing wall.

Year 5 and Year 6 attend a residential where they focus on outdoor and adventurous activities through team building tasks, challenges, exercises and enjoyment. 

Well being time

Every Friday afternoon we celebrate the end of the week with children choosing an activity to participate in which promotes physical, social and emotional well-being. The activities include jog a mile with a Fitbit to track steps, ballroom dancing, personal physical challenges and Just Dance.  These groups may vary throughout the year.

Summer term  

The Summer term is designated to health and fitness.   The children are encouraged to wear sports clothing each Friday and the day starts with ‘Wake up and Shake up’ for the first 10 minutes in the playground with their parents.   The session is led by both a teacher and children.

Sports Leaders


In Year 5, 10 children are chosen to attend a Sports Leaders course with the aim to support and lead the sports coach in physical and sporting activities within school at playtime and lunch times.  Once the children have attended the course, they receive a certificate and a t-shirt, which they wear when leading their activity with the children back in school.


After school activities

The sports coach runs sports clubs each day after school from Year 1 to Year 6.  Each term the time table is changed to encourage as many children to try something different and often challenging

Autumn Term


Spring Term


Summer Term


Intra school competitions

We run sports competitions within school during lunch time and in extra curricular clubs.  All children are encouraged to participate and awards are given out to winners, best sportsmanship, children who gave their all, etc. 


We have very close links with English Martyrs School and sixth form college, which organise cluster events and success in these events will lead to town wide competitions.

St Cuthbert's throughout the years have achieved great success in many town events.

Events, Competitions and festivals


Tag Rugby festival.


Indoor athletics.

Multiskills event.

Football competitions.

Skipping competition.

Short tennis.

Dance workshops.

Dodgeball festival.



Sports day.


Swimming gala.